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Aqua Feed Processing Equipment

  • Dryer

    Dryers, As the name implies, are used to dry all kinds of materials. In many cases, substances with a percentage of moisture enters the dryer and after a process with less moisture comes out of that

  • Cooler

    Reducing the temperature and cooling is one of the important indicators in the feed production process, which has a significant contribution in increasing the pellet durability index (PDI) and hygiene of the product

  • Conditioner

    The conditioning process is the operation in which powdered material after receiving the necessary additives and mixing in the mixer, are cooked at high temperature with the addition of water and steam

  • Die

    Dies are one of the most important and sensitive parts of pellet and extruder machines that are directly related to increasing quality and reducing costs. They are made in two forms, flat die and ring die

  • Extruder

    Extruders play an important role in the manufacture of pasta, ready-to-eat cereals, processed snacks and soybeans (TSP for human use), aquatic feed and pet food

  • Vacuum Coater

    Although Vacuum Coaters have been developed for producing aqua feed and pet food, they have been widely used to produce poultry feed that is larger in size in recent years

  • Hammer Mill

    The quality and know how inherent in hammer mills are backed by over a century of experience in the feed milling and other related industries around the world

  • Mixer

    Mixers are used to mix several materials, whether liquid, solid or gas. Usually, different operations and equipment are used according to the state of the materials that are mixed together