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Animal Feed Processing

According to the Population growth in the world, the society's need for food, especially protein is increasing every day. Therefore, Livestock and poultry farming has become the main solution for preparing the required food. Naturally in this great industry, Feed production is the most important part.

Due to the many benefits that have listed below, pellet feed is now considered as the most common type.

  • Increasing digestibility for animals
  • Getting all the ingredients that needed, including vitamins and micronutrients, evenly
  • Facilitating feed transportation

Many factors can affect the quality of a pellet. Equipment such as hammer mills, mixers, conditioners, pellet machines, material handling equipment and conditioners are the integral parts of these lines, although additional equipment such as post-conditioner, vacuum coater, pulverizer, supplementary Hammer Mills, etc. are in advanced lines that can be used optionally to improve the quality of the final product.

Garma Electric, the official representative of ANDRITZ in Iran, always tries to make the process of Feed production in the best quality by combining and importing the most advanced machines in the feed industry.