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More than two decades of experience in device manufacturing industry, has become Garma Electric to the leading company in manufacturing of feed production machines in Iran. Due to the quality and hygiene of cooked feed which are essential standards, machinery in this field are of great importance.
In addition to manufacture feed production equipment for livestock, poultry and aquaculture, this company also has the ability in construction and operation of food industry lines, agricultural machinery and equipment for oil and gas industry.
Feed production lines and food industry
Several devices are used in these lines; Including extruder and pellet press, which are key elements in the production of animal feed.
Pellet press is used as a common solution for producing livestock and poultry feed in various capacities. Also, the extruder is a device with advanced technology and many abilities that is used in the production of aquatic feed, pets and human food industry. Furthermore, adjusting the floating level of aquatic feed or the amount of voids for final product in some process such as snack production and puffs, is provided to the manufacturer by the accessories which are installed on the extruder.
In addition to making these devices indigenously, Garma Electric can also make them by international cooperation with its foreign partners in Europe or China, upon the customer request.
moreover, we can produce other types of feed production machines include: conditioner, dryer, vacuum coater and etc.
Agricultural machinery
Agriculture is the most important part in human food supply chain and nowadays, it has progressed towards modernization rapidly. Therefore, in the most arable lands, various devices and equipment are used to facilitate and increase crop efficiency. Large industrial dryers for drying agricultural products are one of the equipment that are made in Garma Electric.
Oil and gas industry equipment
Due to the high importance of oil and gas industry, Garma Electric Company has sought to localize its related equipment. Today, sanctions have caused considerable attention paid to the domestic production and localization of these devices. That is why Garma Electric, with its technical knowledge, manufacture some of this equipment, such as process packages.
This industrial group, by accepting special orders customize to the needs of customers, also makes different devices from the models available in the market, so that the desired product can be produced for specific conditions.