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Besides the standard services of most reliable companies, we provide a range of other more tailor-made services. Most of them are developed in conjunction with our clients to meet their specific needs.
Today, due to the various capacities in production that we have faced them, there are different requests for manufacturing some types of devices outside the common framework and models.
This solution which is provided to customers as an optional service, makes it possible to design a device according to their needs.
Garma Electric Company can provide services such as consulting, design and implementation to set up an industrial unit, until it reaches the operation stage, and according to customer's needs, provide the equipment required by the production lines.
Other services are provided to customers in this section include renewing old devices and lines those spare parts have been removed from the market and their renovation conditions are very difficult. Garma Electric, as a manufacturer and official representative of Andritz in Iran, can receive the exact technical specifications of these factories, produce the required parts such as pellet dies by ordering Chinese or European factories and provide them to customers.