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Project Management

Garma Electric with more than 20 years of experience in manufacturing various types of industrial devices, including agricultural machinery, food industry equipment and animal feed production lines, relying on academic support and cooperation with Well-known companies, has implementation of various projects in its records.
Our experts by conducting technical consultations and feasibility studies, are with the customers from the initial stages of the project to provide the necessary tools and techniques in order to create a production unit. They track and monitor the proper execution of operations and manage resources to achieve specific goals in the planned time period.
As we know, every project has its limitations and must be done at specific time, according to the available budget, in a way that meets the desired quality. Naturally, having enough experience along with expertise is a basic need.
Support and modernization of production lines
Today, one of the main problems that facing manufacturers is the high cost of modernizing parts and machinery. Garma Electric by evaluating project time and budget, offers customers the best and most profitable program for replacing old devices with the lowest possible price. In these projects, the modernization of production lines is possible in either the case of replacing a single device or the complete launching of a new production line.
Project Management Services (MC) and EPC Projects
Inability and inefficiency in managing projects and investments are major difficulties in industry. According to the needs and requests of customers, Garma Electric is able to complete projects in both management contract and EPC form, and considering the type of contract, as a supervisor or contractor, ready to provide services.