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Aqua Feed Processing

Based on several research around the world, it has been approved that most of the costs of industrial aquaculture, including fish and shrimp, go back to their food. In fact, improving the quality of feed, plays an important role in reducing the cost of aquaculture and protein produced.
Garma Electric Company with more than 30 years of experience in feed & food industry, tries to offer the best solutions. All our after-sales service personal is certified by the well-known companies.
Our aqua feed processing technologies are available in various models and with optional accessories to offer the optimum solution for your specific production requirements.

Pellet Press Solution

Producing “Pellet feed” is the main result in this production line. As you can see in the figure below, raw material intake, weighing, grinding, mixing, conditioning, pelleting and cooling are the processes that take place in the aqua feed production plants.

Although the products of this strategy consist the major part of aquatic and animals feed production around the world, but the producers sometimes face some problems such as:

  • Restrictions on small feed production
  • Impossibility of floating feed on the water surface
  • Failure to release starch hidden in the material completely
  • Restrictions on adding liquids to the final feed due to grain density

According to the above disadvantages, a new solution was offered by experts.

Extrusion solution

Our extrusion technologies are based on a competitive approach to meet the requirements of successful aqua feed producers and fish farming companies.
This method is newer and more efficient than press pellet. When producing aqua feed, it is essential to consider the feed characteristics for the specific species of fish and shell fish. ANDRITZ offers unique, high-capacity extrusion lines for the production of all kinds of feed for fish and shell fish. The ANDRITZ extruders ensure that the feed has the right physical properties – giving it the correct sinking attributes according to where in the water the feed should be accessed.

ANDRITZ single screw extruders represent state-of-the-art technology which are ensuring high quality aqua feed at minimum operating costs.
How ever the investment required to produce feed with an extrusion process is more expensive but the Unique benefits of these production line, made it more economical in many cases.

  • It is possible to produce feed with a very small size (normally it is impossible due to the limited hole size of pellet machines)
  • Ability to float feed on water
  • Ability to add a high percentage of liquids with water or oil bases in the center of the feed (with vacuum coater machine)
  • Better durability in water, especially in cases where aquatic has a low rate of consumption
  • Ability to adjust the density of the produced feed (This technology is only provided by ANDRITZ).