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Meeting essential industry needs has always been one of the main concerns and today, due to the sanctions, this issue is becoming more and more prominent. Providing standard machines with suitable spare parts has a significant impact on the final product quality and thus the efficiency of production units. One of the main activities of Garma Electric is to pay attention to this basic need and offers appropriate solutions to meet it.
We put our skills at your disposal for supplying devices and machinery in:

  • animal feed production lines and food industry
  • agricultural
  • recycling lines
  • and maintenance equipment for oil and gas refineries.

In order to reduce the costs and facilitate the maintenance of production lines, Garma Electric Company strives to meet the needs of its customers as soon as possible by providing up-to-date and guaranteed machinery and equipment.
The die of pellet press and also the die and the shaft of extruder are among the most important parts used in livestock, poultry and animal feed production machines, which are produced in "vacuum hardening" technology. Therefore, it is of great importance to provide the valid type of these parts. Garma Electric, in cooperation with its international partners, makes it possible to supply the required dies for various brands in different capacities from both European companies and Chinese manufacturers, depends on customer need.
Furthermore, the shaft and the screw of the extruder can also be replaced too. Due to contact with raw materials during the cooking process, these parts must be checked and serviced at specific times and replaced, if necessary. Garma Electric by identifying your device, prepares and renews these parts.
Other areas of our activity are the supply of machinery and spare parts for food industry, agricultural equipment and recycling lines. Our experience in fully supplying these lines offers a variety plans to customers.
Also, because of several standards in oil and gas industry, providing equipment from reliable manufacturers is doubly important. These include refinery maintenance equipment, hydraulic jacks, pneumatic tools and instrumentation. Based on Garma Electric’s experience, supplying all kinds of these products will be guaranteed.