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Food Industry

In addition to producing protein products from poultry, livestock and aquatic, processed products are one of the main ways to provide human food. Garma Electric Company with a long history in manufacturing, importing and operation of food production lines, gives advice as a technical consultant in the preparation and operation of machines in the food industry such as snacks and processed soybeans for human consumption.

Andritz Group is one of the most important companies in the world in the production of food industry machines with innovations and up-to-date technologies. Extensive investment in research and development to acquire new technologies and higher efficiency of devices, has made this industrial group a well-known brand around the world.
These types of machines have the ability to produce high quality snacks, puffs, processed soy, cereal grains and etc. The following is a brief description of snacks and processed soy.


In food products, snacks are generally made from bulk grains based on corn and grout. Cheese puff which is perhaps the most famous snack in the market, produced by injecting hot air in the extruder.
What is hot air cooking?
Using hot air is one of the ways to make snacks and puffs, which has a direct impact on the health of the product. Because in the processing process, hot air is used instead of oil.
in general terms, the process of producing corn snacks is done using extruder lines, but this time without ECS or Flextex systems to allow the product react in the open air after leaving the machine, as a result, the product puffs and becomes crispy.

High protein processed soy

Soy protein is twice the number of other oilseeds, but its oil content is lower than other common grains. The presence of high protein has made soybean, the meal very suitable for human consumption. Therefore, today, processed soy has become a suitable substitute for meat to provide the protein needed by humans and also to feed livestock.
Soybean processing lines mainly include conditioner, extruder, cooler, dryer and Sieve machine, which by performing the necessary operations, produce the final product that is suitable for the human digestive system.