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The conditioning process is the operation in which powdered material after receiving the necessary additives and mixing in the mixer, are cooked at high temperature with the addition of water and steam, then they are ready to enter the pellet press or extruder.
The reason of this act is the low ability of many animals to digest starch, while they can easily digest cooked starch. The cooking of the material is achieved by increasing the percentage of gelatinization of starch under hydrothermal action. This thermal process increases the digestibility of the feed by changing the structure of the protein.
Correct conditioning of material is necessary in order to obtain a good pellet quality and an effective utilization of the pelleting or extrusion installation. Optimum conditioning results in the desired activation of natural binders by using heat, moisture, and time.
This preparation, which takes place in devices called conditioner, has a direct effect at least 20% on the final quality of the product and the effective use of the equipment.

As mentioned, the high heat that generated in this device has many desirable effects, including the following:

  • Elimination of many pathogenic bacteria and Salmonella that are not resistant to high temperatures
  • Improve feed hygiene without needing to chemical drugs
  • Increase the adhesion of raw materials and prevent them from being crushed by the gelatinization process
  • Improve digestibility of nutrients for animals

With a focus on manufacturing livestock, poultry and aquatic feed production machines, Garma Electric designs, produces and imports various types of conditioners from Europe and China; also, as an official representative of ANDRITZ Feed & Biofuel, can import and support different models of this machine.

ANDRITZ Company is one of the pioneers in the production of various machines and equipment. The range of its conditioners comprises single or dual conditioning in three models: CM, CRT and CM-PH
Some advantages of this series of ANDRITZ devices are the following:

  • Excellent mixing and optimum retention time
  • Uniform feeding to the pellet mill or extruder
  • Conditioning at temperatures up to 95 ⁰C
  • Clean-design stainless steel construction
  • Easy inspection and cleaning
  • Wide and adjustable paddles
  • Controlled steam and liquid addition

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