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In industrial processes, mixers are used to mix several materials, whether liquid, solid or gas. Usually, different operations and equipment are used according to the state of the materials that are mixed together (gas, liquid, solid, semi-solid, solid-liquid, ....). Garma Electric manufactures different mixers or imports from Europe as a representative of Andritz, depending on the application, type of materials, required capacity and budget of customers.
Each model of mixers is made of different types of metals and various stainless-steel alloys, depending on the application (food industry, animal feed, industrial) and the type of material being mixed (for example, in terms of the possibility of corrosion or pH). The following is a brief description of Optimix Andritz mixers.

ANDRITZ offers a range of high-quality mixers for all feed applications, ensuring all ingredients are mixed ensuring uniform feed quality.
Optimum mixing of feed ingredients will ensure uniform distribution of nutrients, vitamins and minerals, which will result in a homogeneous nutrient content in each feed pellet. The ANDRITZ range of mixers offers solutions for both paddle and ribbon mixing.
The ANDRITZ OptiMix paddle mixer is fast and efficient. Designed for dual rotation via VSD to obtain clean mixing aggregate. Improved outlet damper for reduced cross-contamination.
The OptiMix series combines the best of current mixing technology with proven features from Andritz long-established family of mixers, offering short and efficient mixing time.

  • Fast mixing in a wide range of applications
  • Capacities up to 170 t/h (0.6 t/m3 dry mix)
  • Dual rotation for clean mixer unit
  • Hygienic design
  • Improved outlet damper with optional air sealing.
  • CV value below 5% at 1:100,000
  • Up to 38 batches per hour (dry mix)
  • Safe and easy access to nozzles from outside
  • High liquid inclusion rate
  • Up to 8 liquid additions
  • Adjustable wear plates
  • Certified 3rd party mixing quality
  • Easy access for inspection

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